Mr Job's Maths Class


Spreadsheets #1


Changing the look

For this spreadsheet (download):

  1. Centre the numbers in columns B, C and D.
  2. Move the position of the 'Total' label.
  3. Make the column A wider to fit the 'Orange Juice' label.

Entering Formulas

Formulas are entered into spreadsheets by starting with an = sign.

The five basic mathematical operations used in formulas are:

+ addition
- subtraction
* multiplication (* is shift 8 on the keyboard)
/ division (bottom row of keys, right-hand side)
^ power (shift 6)

Basic Operations Animated GIF

Addition: =B1+B2

Subtraction: =B1-B2

Multiplication: =B1*B2

Division: =B1/B2

Exercise 1: Entering formula

Download and complete: entering-formula.xlsx


Use the Canteen Sales spreadsheet from above.

  1. Enter the week 1 prices into column C for week 2.
    • Enter a formula into cell D12 that multiplies the values in cells B12 and C12.
    • What amount is showing now in cell D12?
    • What does the amount in cell D12 represent?
  3. The formula in cell D12 multiplies the number of drinks sold by the price per drink. The same formula is required in cells D13 to D15.

    To put this formula into cells D13 to D15 use Fill Down (see picture).Animated screenshot

  4. Find the total number of drinks sold in Week 2.

    • Click on cell B17.

    • Type =SUM(B12:B15) and press Enter.

    • How many drinks were sold at the canteen during week 2?

  5. Enter a formula in cell D17 to calculate the total value of the drinks sold in week 2.

Formatting cells

Format cells D12 to D17 to be currency.

Calculating Percentages

Complete the steps in the image to calculate the percentage of each drink sold compared with the total number of drinks sold. | show

Wolfram Alpha can do many maths questions.

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