Mr Job's Maths Class


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Year 7 Mathematics Term 1 Test

Directed numbers

  • Bidmaze - Transum - order of operations practise
  • Corbettmaths - Negatives: addition/subtractions (PDF) exercises
  • Corbettmaths - Negatives: multiplication/division (PDF) exercises
  • Corbettmaths - Negatives: ordering (PDF) exercises
  • Corbettmaths - Negatives: real life (PDF) exercises
  • Videos
  • Negative numbers and the Number line Mr Smith
  • Adding and Subtracting Positive Numbers Mr Smith
  • Adding Negative Numbers Mr Smith
  • Subtracting Negative Numbers Mr Smith
  • Multiplying by Negative Numbers Mr Smith
  • Dividing by Negative Numbers Mr Smith
  • Order of operations with positive and negative integers Mr Smith
  • Computation with Integers Eddie Woo

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